We exist to participate in the kingdom of God among the unreached Makua-Metto by: modeling Christ contextually in community through holistic reconciliation and empowering the church for service.

It is our hope and prayer that by together living and walking like Christ among the Makua-Metto and by sharing Jesus' message in their own language, that the Kingdom of God will take root in hearts of Makua-Metto people, and that they will form communities who together seek to know God more and learn to walk in new life.

We believe that Jesus came to proclaim the message that life in God's Kingdom is available to all who seek it. Our task is to participate in the work of sharing that message with those who have not heard it, and encourage and mentor those who have chosen to follow Jesus.

 We believe that no one culture or language has a monopoly on God's truth, and that the Kingdom of God can translate into, redeem and enrich all cultures. We believe that hearing Jesus' message in the Makua-Metto language and seeing Kingdom life lived out in their own neighborhood is a precious gift, so we are committed to immersing ourselves in and learning the local language and culture.

 We believe that God wants changed lives, and that converting only the mental beliefs of a person falls short of God's desire for transformation of the heart and mind, and so we seek to make disciples of Jesus, not just converts.

 We believe that God created us to live our lives in community - that where the rubber meets the road is how we love and serve those around us, and so we commit to work together as a team in an attempt to model the life of the church.

 We believe that God desires to redeem the whole person, communities, and the structures that affect them. We seek to be holistic in our work and relationships by being a blessing to the community spiritually, physically, and socially.
- Mozambique, Africa -