- Mozambique, Africa -
Thank you so much for your interest in coming to Mozambique to work with our team! Having teachers work with our kids is a huge blessing to our team and the work here! For several years we have had teachers come and teach our children. It has gone so well and the Lord has provided every year. We look forward to seeing who and how He provides each year.
There are ten children on our team. Nine of them are school-age. These kids span four different grades. Therefore, we feel like it is necessary to have two teachers to be able to do the job well. It is also a blessing for the two teachers to get to live together and share the experience of teaching together.
Our team supplies all the curriculum and supplies needed for teaching. We built a little school house with 2 rooms and a bathroom to accommodate all the classes. Martha Smith serves as the principle of the school and therefore helps to get the teachers set up and help them in any way needed. So far, our teachers have had a whole range of experience, with some being seasoned teachers and others not even having an education degree. They have also been all different ages and stages in life. Some have been single and others married. We welcome people from lots of different walks of life.
For accommodation, we built a teacher house that is in the same yard as the school house. This house has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living area. The team provides this house and most utilities.
Unfortunately, this is not a paid position. Each year the teachers raise money from churches and individuals to cover the cost of flying over here, getting a work permit, and living expenses. Donít let this scare you off! So far the money has come in very easily and the teachers have been able to raise above and beyond what they needed in a short time period. One of our teachers raised more than what she needed in about 3-4 weeks! We are happy to help you with this. We can write you a cover letter to go with your fund-raising letter. We can put you in contact with churches who will likely give etc.
If you are interested in coming and working with us let us know. You can contact Martha Smith for more details or to let us know of your interest by calling internationally (258) 86 130 7907. Or you can contact her via Facebook.
Thank you for your interest! God bless!