The following will give a brief overview of some of the activities you will be involved in. This should help you shape expectations and give more accurate reports to churches and individuals that will be supporting you.
Arriving in Mozambique
Initially we will pick you up at the airport and give you a couple of days to recuperate from the jet lag and time zone changes. There is an eight hour time difference between Central Standard Time (CST) and Mozambique. From the airport we will drive two hours from Pemba inland (west) to the town of Montepuez.
On Arriving in Montepuez
In Montepuez, we will let you unpack at your hosts' house. We will give you a brief tour of the house and show you where other team houses are that will let you have a feel for the neighborhood and surroundings.  During these first few days, we will give you:
Weekly Schedule (Subject to Change)
Monday- Rest day
Tuesday-  Village Visits/ Language Learning
Wednesday- Team meeting and Women's and Men's accountability groups
Thursday- Village visits and women's ministries
Friday- Village/Town Visits/ Language Learning
Saturday- Leadership Training/ Language Learning
Sunday- Rotation of Village Visits and Town church
Language Learning
We will provide a language tutor three days a week to help you with greetings and a brief understanding of some of the major languages (Portuguese and Makua). We may ask you to focus on one language during your internship or ask you to learn short phrases in both languages. The purpose of this exercise is to help you understand the fundamentals of language learning that will aid you in some future mission work.
There will be a bonding time of three days and two nights in the village. You will go by yourself to a pre-selected national family and stay with them. During this time, you will get a first hand experience of village life and trials. It will be a time to gather a lot of cultural data, practice your language skills, sharpen your cultural knowledge, and prove your abilities to do village mission work. Many interns fear doing this but proclaim afterward that this is the best part of the internship.
Survey Trip
We often plan a short survey trip to introduce you to an area needing missionaries. We will ask you to gather important information about prices of housing, fuel, utilities, workers, taxes, etc. You will learn how to survey an area to develop a missionary budget (both personal and work) You will survey existing church works and see if the area is ripe for future mission work in the area. All of this will help you prepare for some mission work.
Fun Extras
We may also plan trips to see Mozambique's wildlife, hike up mountains, or swimming and snorkeling in the Indian Ocean.  Don't forget to bring your camera!

Although the schedule may sound busy, there will be plenty of time for you to read, write and visit with the mission families and other friends that you will make. Learn what it is like to live away from the fast-paced American life style.
Remember we will mold the internship, within reason, to fit your interests and talents. We will not put you into dangerous or unreasonable situations. We will however make an effort to stretch you beyond your regular practices on some issues. This internship will most likely be a milestone in your spiritual walk. Come prepared to do a lot of self-examination and be pliable enough for God to shape and guide you as he sees fit.
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