We would love for you to join us in God’s work here in this corner of the world – here are a few ways you can get involved:


Pray With Us

We are praying for God’s Kingdom to come in this corner of the world.  We believe that Jesus announced the inauguration of a new Kingdom that’s not like any other kingdom on the planet – pray that more Makua-Metto people will say yes to that invitation.  Pray for alleviation of poverty, for endurance and joy for all the first-generation believers, and pray for wisdom and servant hearts for leaders.  Pray for marriages to grow in faithfulness, for parents to teach their children, and for the bondage to alcoholism and witchcraft to be broken.


Join Us in Relief and Development

We welcome your participation and/or help funding in sustainable development (women’s craft association, sustainable agriculture, literacy training, and education initiatives), and also yearly relief projects (mosquito nets, eyeglasses, assistance for our disabled neighbors, hunger relief in a famine year).


Come Teach Our Children

Providing for the education of children is a major concern for foreign missionaries, especially in far-flung, rural areas with multiple language barriers.  Since 2011, our team has welcomed teachers joining our team for one to three years to come teach our kiddos – 9 children spanning 4 grades.  This invaluable service allows all the adult members of our team to spend much more time in focused ministry; please consider joining our team as a teacher – click here for more information.


Sponsor a Student

Lack of access to education is still a significant problem for many people in northern Mozambique, and many Mozambican church members are struggling to make ends meet while they finish high school, and college is not even a possibility for them.  We have helped connect several very bright young adults with sponsors in the US who help cover the yearly cost of high school or college; please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a student – you will be blessing that student as well as his or her family and church congregation.


Come Join Us Over Here

Mozambique holds so many opportunities for you to serve and bless others in God’s big world – please prayerfully consider if God could be leading you this direction on a longer-term commitment!  Some possible needs in this area are youth ministry, sports ministry, urban development, computer literacy, and English literacy.

- Mozambique, Africa -